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Instagram brings back a feature that users have long requested!

During the past month, the media indicated that the Instagram platform may soon launch a feature that many users have been asking to add (return) for years. According to Adam Mosseri, who is the head of Instagram, the company is actively exploring adding a timeline feed option to the app.
And Adam Mosseri says users will have three sorting options to choose from – Home, Favorites and Follow. The home page is the current AI-based sorting. It’s the default option that shows posts that the algorithm thinks you’ll like. Mosseri also mentions that this setting will show more posts from accounts you don’t follow.

According to xda-developers, the “Favorites” setting – as its name suggests – only shows posts from accounts you’ve starred with. This allows you to filter out endless posts from people you don’t care about very much – when you have a little time to browse your Instagram feed. Finally, there is the next feed which is the old feed that sorts posts in chronological order. It will only include the content you share with the accounts you follow, unlike the homepage.



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